Red Hook Ferry Terminal

   This ferry terminal centers around the development of the Red Hook area in Brooklyn, catapulted by the development of Ikea Brooklyn.
   With the lack of easily accessible transportation in the neighborhood, the Ikea Ferry became a source of transporta- tion not only for its customers and employ- ees, but also its Red Hook neighbors. The architectural advantage here is that the it is a quiet area in one of the busiest cities in the world.
   This project aims to create a small and efficient terminal in a developing neigh- borhood that lacks recreation. Inspired by groundscapes and open spaces, the form of the terminal was developed from study models of rigidity and different sloping conditions.
   The programming of the terminal is compacted along the east side of the building, allowing for maximum circulation paths and seating spaces closer to the docks. Skylights sit flush to the ground and works with the rigid metal sheets of the roof structure to create ambient light- ing in the interiors. These metal sheets vary according to program, controlling the amount of lighting that is let into the space. This also provides privacy to ‘back of house’ and service areas, shielding workers from unwanted attention and getting distracted.
   Thus the programming of the roof is open ended, allowing for the youth of the neighborhood to have a safe place to play, relax or watch the sunset.

Spring 2009
Mentors: Eunjeong Seong
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