Frank Lloyd Wright's Hollyhock House

   As one of Wright’s first houses that utilized the block system, the motif of the hollyhock flower can be seen throughout the home. Wright uses his block design to unify the themes of the house, as well as create circulation flow through Aline Barnsdall’s Hollywood home on Olive Hill. The house, which sits on top of the thirty six acre Olive Hill was drawn out to include a theater complex, but was never fully realized as planned due to arguments and lawsuits between the client and the designer.
   In this series of representation and analysis, all plans, sections and elevations utilize Wright’s 4’ and 20’ grid, further am- plifying his intetions of the motif as plan and decorative element. It is apparent within this set of documents that Wright placed importance within symmetry, while breaking this grid every so often to allow for architectural play 

Spring 2009
Mentor: Peter Lynch, Jeremy Barbour