Farragut Housing Projects

   Based off of initial investigations of the Passivhaus design strategies, we were given the site of the Brooklyn Navy Yard Farragut Housing Projects for a 12 unit model of a new housing prototype. It is clear from the start that the area is in need of the increase of personal interactions. The prototype was sited in the most south-eastern corner of the housing proj- ects, where there is minimal sun obstruc- tion throughout the year from surrounding infrasturctures.
   The units themselves are a manip- ulation of given square footages, with its spaces arranged according to solar access.Individual units step back from east to west, from bottom to top for solar gains acess, while the north facing single loaded corridors allow for greenery in the summer, while allowing for the maximum amount of sunlight during the winter.
   This manipulation of modules create a form that repeats and varies in scale at the ground level. The ground plane is activated by engaging the existing context through the use of different step heights that become circulation, play, or lounging areas. Diagonal elevators and circulation stariwells create shade and strengthen the form and tectonic language of natural stepping upward.

Fall 2009
Mentor: Jörg Thöne, Casey Mack