With Franco Albini‚Äôs In Tensistrattura (1939) in mind, our Donghia material display shelf highlights each material for its natural capabilities. The system explores a dialogue between the materials utilized. Each member plays an essential in the structural integrity of the piece.

   Bamboo poles fit into steel connectors and angle both in the x and y axis, meeting their partner at the highest point and then repeat back down. The bamboo poles are held in tension through the use of horizontal cables. These cables are then attached to a series of cables pulled in a downward force being anchored to the floor. A wood shelving system is attached by cutting grooves into the bottom of the wood and simply snapping them onto the cable structure. Shelving can be removed and replaced by information graphic cards which hook onto the cables always angled for optimal field of view.

   Together these systems allow for a structurally sound yet adaptable shelving system, which can both display materials and tell a story or materiality.

Spring 2011
Mentor: Ken Lewis, Harold Fredenburgh
Collaborators: Max Singler, Bless Yee
(project recieved for honarble mention at Donghia Display Competition)